Obor Advent Sport ATV Tire

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【GNCC Champion Tire】the top choice for Pro GNCC rider.

➤【Unique Tread Design】 Tire tread block design delivers superior handling and compound are engineered to efficient. Suit for XC, Hard-pack, Intermediate, Loose Loam, Sand, Mud, Desert Terrain.
➤【Puncture-resistant】Constructed with a puncture-resistant casing it's built to handle cross-country terrain rides and races
➤【Ride with Confidence】 Precision with turning and sliding were notable along with excellent traction

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    Customer Reviews

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    adrian cardenas

    The Obor web page trying for all meanings to hide that they are manufactured in China. hahaha.

    Travis Ehst
    Great Tires, especially for the price

    Received the new 22" rear tires within days of ordering. I am very pleased with them and feel they were an awesome value. If Adam McGill runs these tires they must be good. Keep up the good work.

    Brian Dollins
    Great tires...

    The single downside of these tires is that they're made in China.

    Michael Sabo
    Great Aggressive Tires That Hook but Still Slide

    Some of you may know me by my YouTube channel Michael Sabo. I've had the opportunity to run quite a few different brands and configurations of tires over the years so I will give my best comparison and review here.First off, they're a great looking tire with aggressive knobbies for a sport quad and nice sidewall traction in the rear. I was able to test these tires on wooded trails, through mild mud, on leaf covered trails, steep hill climbs, drag racing (hooking) and breaking.Test Machine - 2008 Kawasaki KFX450R (Stock a arms and axle width, mild motor bolt ons)Tires - Obor Advent Front 21x7x10 (7 PSI) and Rear 20x11x9 (5.5 PSI)Performance - The biggest take away I have is that even while having a good bite on loose trails and on wet grass, mud etc, they are still able to be slid around corners somewhat easily as long as you have a machine with decent power. Don't expect it to slide as easy as a motocross tire might as these Advents have a pretty aggressive sidewall, but it's really not bad at all; only a few times did my quad go up on two wheels and it was usually because I was getting lazy; the trade off for grip is WELL worth it. They allowed room for some error on technical hill climbs where other tires may have broken loose or stalled out due to loss of traction.Durability/Treadlife - I can't give an honest review on treadlife as I haven't put adequate time on the tires but as for durability, I do believe these are a tough tire as they're rated at 6 ply and even with some of the rough trails that I blasted through, I have no leaks.Overall - These tires are a great value in my opinion and I really dig the combo of having great grip for gnarly, rutted out and muddy trails while also being able to slide and have a nimble feel like a less aggressive tire would. I am confident in recommending these tires and I look forward to testing them in more conditions!- Mike Sabo

    Great tire good price

    Great price, solid tire. Great traction for trail riding

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